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Bulat, 21 y.o.
Moscow, Russia [Current City]
Ufa, Russia [Hometown]
Online 20 days ago
7 815 days have passed when I was born - updated Sep 22


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Reply - Conversation - Oct 24
The help.

At first, she suggested that I could order the taxi, she showed me a number of some taxi company (I’ll leave a link on the photo which I took when I tried to save the number quickly), but she also suggested that we can ask a taxi driver to take me with her. I agreed.

(Now, I can to say that I didn’t believe that this could happen, because people more think about profit, not about you personally, and in which problem you’re. Well, I understand it. It’s really hard to think on things like this. You’re just a stranger like others, so, why I should to think of you?)

Her taxi car has arrived and we went to it. She started to speak with a taxi driver, when he got out from the car and tried to put her bag on the trunk. She explained my situation to him and asked to low the total price. At first, the taxi driver didn’t want to do it, but Anna was persistent. And finally, he agreed.

(a link:

(The end of the seventh part. 24 October 2018)
Reply - Conversation - Oct 22
The help.

In some time after, I remembered that there are special trains which took you from the airport to Moscow. The price of the ticket on these trains is three times more expensive than on a bus, but I didn’t think that, or it’s better to say that I didn’t care how much it costs right now. I would spend all my money which I had with me, but only to get to Moscow. And I tried to find where I could buy a ticket.

I spent another 15 minutes. And after, I found out that it’s also late for trains.

I walked on the airport, I tried to figure out what to do. And then, I saw a similar face, it was Anna. I saw that she was waiting for taxi. I went to her. She recognized right away. I explained my problem to her. I saw on her face that she was really worried about that. I knew in that time that she was only a one person, which I would get a help. And when I finished, she started to think, how she could help.

(The end of the sixth part. 22 October 2018)
Reply - Conversation - Oct 21
The help.

And I think now the main point of this tale starts, because when I got my bag and ran to a bus station (at first, I also couldn’t find where it is), I found out that it’s already late for buses. The last bus was 20 minutes ago.
I started to think, how I could get to Moscow. I started to feel a little bit stress. Ok, I’m lying, I was full of stress, because I hadn’t any idea how to get out of this airport. It’s a deep night, despite that I want to sleep, there is an exam in my university in the morning, and I must be there.

I was stressed. I looked around. I tried to speak with some people, but nobody didn’t want to listen to me. Everybody hurried on their own business. I was stressed more now.

(I think it will be interesting to tell, which thoughts come to my mind in that time. Well, I can tell that. First, I just wanted to fly to my hometown back. Second, because of nobody even didn’t want to listen to me (I just tried to ask how I could get to Moscow in such a time), I felt that Moscow is a huge and wild place, and I’m alone there with that situation. No one would help you. And the last thought was the regret that I choose Moscow as a city of studying, because it’s so far away from my hometown.)

(The end of the fifth part. 21 October 2018)
Reply - Conversation - Oct 20
The help.

The airplane landed. And I had a little time to get my bag and to hurry to a bus station. We were on the land already, but we weren’t out of the plane, we were still inside it because of some issues. There was another delay. And as it was in my hometown, I couldn’t do nothing with that, all I can do is just wait.

In 15 minutes, the captain allowed us to leave the plane. And I hurried as I could, to the drop off section, where I could get my bag.

At first, I couldn’t find it. Maybe it’s because that The Moscow International Airport “Domodedovo” is so big, or it’s because I was stressed, but the fact is that I spent some time to find a right place. But when I got there, I found out that the bags, from our plane, didn’t arrive yet. There were a lot of angry passengers, but we must to wait.

(The end of the fourth part. 20 October 2018)
Reply - Conversation - Oct 19
The help.

As I said before, Anna had a good mood. She didn’t want to sleep, and while we were in flight, she watched the land from the porthole, looked some magazines etc. Sometimes she tried to speak with me, tried to make a conversation about a beautiful landscape above us, what a stewardess will give us to drink.

In that time, I didn’t want to speak with someone, because I was on my own thoughts, about how to get in Moscow in time. It wasn’t about her, she was a nice and kind person. And I spoke with her with no interest, I answered because it would be no polite to answer.

(Of course, when I write it, I regret my behavior. I should have been nicer with her, even if we’re strangers. It’s not about the etiquette, it’s about how people should to be at all. But maybe I’m wrong, because we’re humans, and sometimes we have bad days and good days, bad moods and good moods. It’s impossible to be nicer with each person which you meet. It’s not a human behavior.)

(The end of the third part. 19 October 2018)
Reply - Conversation - Oct 18
The help.

Now, I was worried. And when the plane took off and was in the sky, I thought how I could get a bus, when I’ll land. I was in a bad mood.

My seat was in the middle of the range (I hope you understood what I mean). Left to me was a woman with the age of about 26-28 years old, she was in a good mood, I saw how she always smiled and her eyes tells that she is happy (I don’t know why, maybe she was so excited to see again familiar faces at home). And right to me was a man, I don’t remember him at all, so there was just a man. (Okay, do not repeat “a woman” and “a man”, I will give them names. The woman has a name “Anna”, and the man has a name “Andrey”.

(Also something interesting happened before we took off. When I got to my seat and waited for the announcement “fasten your seat belts”, Anna saw how Andrey drank a bottle of water. I saw her face, she was really shocked, and she asked him: “How did you get a bottle of water to the plane?”. When Andrey heard her words, he just laughed at first and then added:

Andrey: “Relax, it’s Russia! But don’t panic, it’s just water. I can drink a sip of this. See?
Anna: “I don’t panic. I just surprised because I thought that it’s impossible to get liquid to the plane.
Andrey: “Well, nobody told me nothing about my water at the exit.”)

(The end of the second part. 18 October 2018)
Reply - Conversation - Oct 17
The help.

It happened in January 2016. I flew from my hometown to Moscow. Before the fly, my mother told me, why I choose a flight in the evening. It’s possible that there will be no bus from the airport to Moscow in that time (A taxi costs a lot). I don’t remember why I choose that time to fly, but I remember that I was very calm. I was pretty sure that everything will be okay.

When I was in the airport, my flight delayed. I didn’t like that, because now I could miss the last bus to Moscow. I was calm before a flight, because I was pretty sure that I will be in Moscow in 2 hours, I didn’t think that my flight could delay.

(The end of the first part. 18 October 2018)
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Reply - Conversation - Sep 22
The past.

I remember how I was a witness of one conversation between two men. The topic of the conversation was about a religion. One man said: “They don’t right, Moses didn’t go there. The true is that Moses went there”. I don’t remember how exactly he said, but the sense of his words was that he is right, and the other are not, just because he read the “right” books or articles on that topic.

And in that moment I thought, how you can be sure about that, if you even didn’t live that time. How can be sure someone. It happened more than 2000 years ago. Since that time, this story absolutely somehow changed. I know a game “word of mouth”, and I saw how children can change a word, while they say it to each other. The same happens with these stories. Somehow but it transforms. What was in real life can be different, what we know now.

22 September 2018
Reply - Conversation - Sep 22
22 September 2018 - 7 815 days have passed when I was born
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